Current Writing Activity 2012 05 14th Thursday (NZST)


2012 08 26

Cursor Position...

Added note from

regarding new cursor position property requested by Jonathan Tomm ...

2012 05 14

Spelling functions:  Spell Checking

Global Variables —  Un-setting Global variables: Globals

2012 03 (March)

(small fixes)

2012 02 12th Thursday

Added note to section heading for  Window functions and procedures.

Added note to

Updated  launchFile(QString) with http:// information

Added Build in Update Checking

2012 01 11th Wednessday

Wrote up new TW.script. properties introduced by Stefan Löffler in r.952

(.fileName, .title, .description, .author, .version) Script properties (fileName etc)

Script property TW.script.fileName    now depreciates  __FILE__

2011 11 06th Sunday

Updated the text category text.

balanceDelimiters() ... toggleCase()

... More details, some examples, and presentation upgrade.

2011 08 23rd Tuesday

System and File access advices updated...

Use with care a write or system call could damage a User's system.

2011 08 1st Monday

Updated set_syntax.js Hook script and various under TeXworks as a QtScript editor

Fixed leading numeral problem in tag outline regular expression in Worked Example - Consistently Filling  Drop Down Boxes etc

2011 07 31st Sunday

Wrote up working examples of using TW.system() calls and LaTeX \immeadiate\write18{}

Getting Take Aways (sending out) -

JabRef - MySql - Bibliographies - Using php to return text

Worked Example - Consistently Filling  Drop Down Boxes etc

2011 07 23rd Saturday

             24th Sunday

             26th Tuesday

Mention of new 'free' JavaScript e-books

Special mention: Eloquent JavaScript A Modern Introduction to Programming

Added details on a simple naming convention for working between .js and Qt Creator and .ui, and auto-opening the correct dialogue to work on.  Script/Interface Naming

General update over Api, added file overview File Functions, Procedures and Properties

Updating and sub entries tree slightly reorganised to place most Don't Use items in separate area. File and Find/Replace entries updated.

General update all over.

Yet to update PhpJs Function List  and TeXworks as a QtScript editor and its associated listed files.  

Updated  setSyntaxColoringMode(QString)

2011 06 23rd  Thursday

Added a small explanatory example at the top of JSON

TW.result and

2011 06 22nd Wednesday

Updated UI Dialogue/Form Scripts

to include .deleteLater() for forms/dialogues

and a possible approach to initialisation and  finalisation details.

Updated progressDialog

2011 05 14th Saturday

Wrote introduction to using Qt Creator to make GUI forms for scripts, and handling signals (initialisation and finalisation), and objects in script. UI Dialogue/Form Scripts

Revamped pages under heading TeXworks as a QtScript editor

Various corrections during last month.

2011 04 17 April

Updated information for

system(QString) examples

updated helper_twPan.mod

2011 03 14 Monday )NZST)

Added in JavaScript Garden a fine description of Javascript - QtScript language family - must read!

Note: Qt have their own modifications to the Object prototype  and specifically

JavaScript Garden Intro


The prototype



How this works

Closures and references

The arguments object

Scopes and namespaces


Equality and comparisons


The Array constructor

The for in loop

The typeof operator

The instanceof operator

Type casting

undefined and null

Reasons against eval

setTimeout and setInterval

Automatic semicolon insertion

Put updated source file on web

2011 03 12 Saturday (NZST)

Completed noting unusable signals / methods as per Saturday, 1 January 2011, 2:42:26 p.m. (SL)

Writing up

2011 02 13 Sunday (NZST)

Started on openFileFromScript(QString,int,bool)

2011 02 12 Saturday (NZST)

Started writing up the message and input boxes:

message boxes






get User Input

get Text

TW.getItem - get List Choice

get Numerical Input



Setting Preferences

Scripts Management

2011 02 10 Thursday (NZST)

Various edits and additions in the last week.

CHM and PDF available at

2011 01 26 Wednesday (NZST)

Writing up system(QString)

Examples yet to be added

2011 01 25 Tuesday (NZST)

Redrafted panTw and loading modules

Added panTw -  

         bibleNamesAbrvs array of names and abbreviations



Moved creation of PhpJs ($P) into top of panTw (also means that panTw can use PhpJs in scope) and left PhpJs able to be created separately from panTw id panTw not in use.

Updated  makeScript.js to reflect changes.

Updated existing scripts that used either panTw or PhpJs to reflect the fact that panTw  creates PhpJs automatically.

Preparing to release Tw modules for panTw and PhpJs.

2011 01 17 Monday (NZST)

Updated copyright notices.

Updated and moved helper modules. User 'Library' Modules and helper objects

                              download being prepared.

2011 01 16 Sunday (NZST)



                     added tr - Turkish

2011 01 13 Thursday (NZST)

Up to

2011 01 04 Tuesday (NZST)

Various fixes ad updates.

2011 01 03 Monday (NZST)

Wrote up adding file extensions to the

     File Open dialogue under:

     TeXworks as a QtScript editor

     list in texworks-config.txt

Inserted more of  Stefan's comments.

Wrote up some commands.

2011 01 01 Saturday (NZST)

Happy New Year - Every One!

Wrote up TWScriptAPI::launchFile

Inserted a number of  Stefan's comments.

2010 12 19 Sunday (NZST)

updated syntax-patterns.txt

updated pan_Tw.mod

updated tag-patterns.txt

updated PhpJs twPan twConst msgBox

Made correction to getOpenFileName()

Set message box constants get User Input

2010 12 15 Wednessday (NZST)

File Functions  readFile()  writeFile()  Return Values for Status

Globals  Default Conversion from Qt Script to C++

2010 12 14  Tuesday (NZST)

File Functions


2010 12 13  Monday (NZST)

Writing up hook scripts. Automatic Hook Scripts

2010 12 12  Sunday (NZST)

Been bogged down with TW.getItem() returning unexpected values last week or more. Taken up a lot of time. See and TW mailing list

Done some basic tasks on Api

Working through etc... getOpenFileName() and forward.

2010 11 23 Tuesday (NZST)

Completed initial skeleton of TW api functions properties tree

Prepared OpenOffice document of above - for Stefan to fill in notes.

2010 11, 21 Saturday (NZST)

Working on syntax patterns for using Tw as editor for QtScripts

Writing introduction to Tw as a  Script IDE TeXworks as a QtScript editor

tag-patterns.txt  for Tag tree Window   function myFunctionName() and //%: blah blah      as tagged display information

(All of these sections are a work in progress!)

2010 11, 19 Friday (NZST)

Working on syntax patterns for using Tw as editor for QtScripts

Made some of the needed key words and did some trials.


2010 11, 11 Thursday  (NZST)

Tim Caswell ( ) has given permission for his articles on Object design and usage to be used in these notes.

Working on target

2010 11, 10 Wednessday (NZST)

Working on target

made batch script (see TW ) to explore .h and .cpp in TeXWorks source.

Example of  documentation here

Stefan Löffler

Am 2010-07-27 02:53, schrieb Paul A Norman: Writing libraries for common code...

2 Aug


Paul A Norman<>


"Discuss the TeXworks front end." <>


7 November 2010 00:38


Re: [texworks] Scripting: import libraries, retrieving saving text. web location, Api


hide details 7 Nov (5 days ago)

Ok, as discussed earlier (August), here is a little bit of progress on
sharing notes, experiences, and information on Tw Scripting.

This is just a start - but even some of the Tw Api structure is in
place ready for filling out.

The table of contents gives an idea of where I am aiming (book marks
in the .pdf, or left hand TOC links in the .chm)

This is very much from our experiences with QtScript, so there is not
much that is Python or Lua specific.

Links to the .chm and .pdf  are at the top left hand column of this
page here:

Any early feedback would be appreciated thanks.


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Paul A Norman

 to Discuss

show details 9 Nov (3 days ago)

Got a bit more done on the hierarchy.

Stefan, I'll be able to pass you the source for all that once its
useful - even as an Open Office document or LaTeX from there, but if
you're not using MS Windows, the actual help generator may run under
WINE but would require a couple of things if it would work there at
all. If you still have access to Windows I can give you the .hnd file
for HelpNdoc, that will all end up on the web with the 'finished' help
any way.

Any one with any Scripting Api or related notes, even if rough, please
throw them at me.

I'll do my best looking through the .cpp(s) but I am not a native C++ developer.



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