Script properties (fileName etc)

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TwScript:   TW.script.propertyName

Returns a string.


.fileName   .title   .description   .author   .version

These are as stated for the property names,  for the script,  

(and not for the TeXworks document that is being edited).

These properties are read only, there is no persistence for any changes attempted in script.

Note: TW.script.fileName  is more reliable than   __FILE__

TW.script .fileName

Not for the TeXworks document that is being edited, (for that see

It is the path and file name for the actual script that is reading the property —



.title through to .version are set by the script author in the header of the script.

// TeXworksScript

// Title:  Shortcuts for Latex text

// Description: User abbreviations for text

// Author:  Paul A Norman

// Version: 0.1




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