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(Updated 2011 August, 1st)

Under your /config folder as a sibling directory to your scripts folder there is a folder called /config/configuration.

Locate the <TeXworks>/config/configuration folder on your system and edit texworks-config.txt to include this kind of list,

note the addition of "Script documents (*.qs *.js *.py *.lua)" just before All files (*.* *)

If your texworks-config.txt already has some of these, they will all need to be made active (remove the leading #). If you remove one # all have to be removed for the filter list. Or else only the fileter with their # removed will show in your Open dialogue box.

The #file-open-filter: Dont want these (*.xxx) example below illustrates how to remove one from the list.

Left un-altered (all with # in front of them), an application standard default list shows in the File Open dialogue box.

# To override the built-in list of file types in the File/Open dialog,

# uncomment and customize these entries:


file-open-filter: TeX documents (*.tex)

file-open-filter: LaTeX documents (*.ltx)

file-open-filter: BibTeX databases (*.bib)

file-open-filter: Style Class etc files (*.sty *.cls *.dtx)

#file-open-filter: Class files (*.cls)

#file-open-filter: Documented macros (*.dtx)

file-open-filter: Auxiliary files (*.aux *.toc *.lot *.lof *.nav *.out *.snm *.ind *.idx *.bbl *.log)

file-open-filter: Text files (*.txt)

file-open-filter: HTML files (*.html *.htm *.xml *.ui)

file-open-filter: PDF documents (*.pdf)

#file-open-filter: Dont want these (*.xxx)

file-open-filter: Script documents (*.js *.qs *.py *.lua *.mod *.php *.bat *.txt *.csv *.log)

file-open-filter: Graphics (*.jpg *.png *.pdf)

file-open-filter: All files (*.* *)

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