Automatic Hook Scripts

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Hook Scripts

// TeXworksScript

// Title: LaTeX errors

// Description: Looks for errors in the LaTeX terminal output

// Author: Jonathan Kew & Stefan Löffler

// Version: 0.4

// Date: 2010-11-02

// Script-Type: hook

// Hook: AfterTypeset

This is the header from a script that, well does what it says above!

Hook scripts do not appear in the Script menu and have their own Tab in the Script manager.

The two main areas that change it form a standard 'Stand Alone' script that the User makes run, is that it is triggered into running by something that the TeXworks programme has just done.

Here is an example of a hook script  setSyntaxColoringMode(QString)

// Script-Type: hook

// Hook: AfterTypeset

So you really need to be careful with what you get hook scripts to do - they will just kick in when the Hook that you have specified triggers, with out any automatic question to the User.

Available hooks are at present (2010 December):—


This triggers when TeXworks has completely initialise at its startup


Under default settings, NewFile will happen each time Tw is opened for first use .




At present you can only use one hook per script.

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