Introductory QtScript (EMCA)

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Introductory QtScript (ECMA)

QtScript very much conforms to any experience that you may have had with JavaScript, with additions from the designers of the Qt framework.

I had intended to put some notes here introducing core JavaScript concepts and details, but believe that these links will be a far better start off, in all the JavaScript links in this document you'll need to separate out any information that is intended to be browser specific.

The core of ECMA is not browser specific, but of course many available tutorials are.

Perhaps this following tutorial may be very good to start with for any one either starting to use QtScript EMCA (JavaScript) or wanting to reacquaint themselves with it, and recent advances.

The online and downloadable digital versions are currently (2011/07) free and a print version is available. Of particular help may be  the book's (online as well) page on regular expressions

(For another ground up explanation  also see

Eloquent JavaScript

A Modern Introduction to Programming

by Marijn Haverbeke

Eloquent JavaScript is a book providing an introduction to the JavaScript programming language and programming in general.

"A concise and balanced mix of principles and pragmatics. I loved the tutorial-style game-like program development. This book rekindled my earliest joys of programming.

Plus, JavaScript!"

—Brendan Eich, the man who gave us JavaScript    

book cover Eloquent JavaScript

Here are two links (with a bit of cross-over) to a few more free online and downloadable books  from there special mention of a book still being written - (may be you can help?) —

Wiki Books JavaScript

This book is a guide to JavaScript, a scripting language widely used in web pages and web applications such as email applications. JavaScript is not to be confused with Java, which is quite a separate language for creating stand-alone applications.

and another list at, of special mention from that site are are first again —

Eloquent JavaScript: An opinionated guide to programming
by Marijn Haverbeke , 2008
This ebook provides a comprehensive introduction to the JavaScript programming language. It contains plenty of example programs, and an environment to try them out and play with them. The book is aimed at the beginning programmer.

Core JavaScript Guide
Netscape Communications Corp. , 2000
JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-based scripting language. This book explains everything you need to know about using core JavaScript. It is assumed that you have a general understanding of the WWW, and a good working knowledge of HTML.

Building A JavaScript Framework
by Alex Young - DailyJS , 2010
This book is a guide to building a JavaScript framework. It'll teach you how to build a framework and draw on real-world code from projects like jQuery. Along the way we'll explore some fundamental parts of modern JavaScript.

Up and Running with Node.js
by Tom Hughes-Croucher - O'Reilly Media , 2010
Node.js, the new web development framework written in JavaScript, is many things, but mostly it's a way of running JavaScript outside the web browser. This book will cover why that's important, and what benefits Node.js provides.

(Also see note about Qt Quick and QML below.)

Here in this document under JavaScript Garden are some notes copied from

Mozilla foundation and related groups provide much online material.

and for a complete list of Mozilla resources/knowledge: provide a free pdf version of a useful reference.

A particularly useful resource

... lists these free tutorials as available for download or use on line:

Eloquent JavaScript  is a JavaScript book by Marijn Haverbeke. The digital form is free

Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur is part of the well known series of Sams books.

W3Schools is one of the most venerable and respected resources for online tutorials, and of course it has its own JavaScript tutorial. It also has a stash of JavaScript examples, including some advanced scripts.

SitePoint is another well respected online source for tutorials and books. It has a few free tutorials, mostly as previews for its books. Its JavaScript Guru List is a good place to start.

Well known JavaScript expert and JavaScript: The Good Parts author Douglas Crockford has a series of free lectures available on history of JavaScript, its features, and its use.

Introduction to Core JavaScript/ECMA-262

"Welcome to the Web Site built specifically for JavaScript practitioners ...

This site addresses the Standard ECMA-262 (ECMAScript Language Specification). The core of JavaScript is based on the ECMAScript Language Specification. Our purpose is to explain core JavaScript."


by Dmitry A. Soshnikov - September 2nd, 2010

ECMA Quick Reference

"Download free PDF version ... "

A more comparative overview can be found here:—

Using JavaScript as a Real Programming Language
Tommi Mikkonen and Antero Taivalsaari

"Software systems and applications that were conventionally written using a static programming language such as C, C++ or Java, are now built with dynamic languages that were originally designed for scripting rather than fullscale,

general-purpose application development." Qt Quick - QML

Qt Nokia have also released a new development paradigm, in Qt 4.7, utilising JavaScript heavily.

Called Qt Quick, it creates a new declarative language, the QML language, this may in the future create modules accessible to QtScript developers. See QML, Elements and the Qt Declarative Module and for more information.

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