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(Not TW.__FILE__   no -> TW. )

(This is less reliable than   Script properties (fileName etc)   as otherwise it may require the User to set the Debugger to be "on" to work.)

So script property TW.script.fileName    now depreciates  __FILE__

This holds the path and file name of the current script that is running.

For e.g.

"D:/latexportable/LaTexUtils/TeXWorks/texworks/config/scripts/Scripting - Experiments/debugger.js"

Not the document that is being edited (for that see TW.target.fileName).

You can use JavaScript string functions on this to for example get the path of the script folder that you are in.

 __FILE__.substr(0, __FILE__.lastIndexOf("/") +1)

In the above example would yield:

"D:/latexportable/LaTexUtils/TeXWorks/texworks/config/scripts/Scripting - Experiments/"

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