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This property holds the text cursor's flash (blink) time in milliseconds.

The flash time is the time required to display, invert and restore the caret display. Usually the text cursor is displayed for half the cursor flash time, then hidden for the same amount of time, but this may vary.

The default value on X11 is 1000 milliseconds. On Windows, the Control Panel value is used and setting this property sets the cursor flash time for all applications.

Surprisingly on Windows Xp Pro this will not only read the setting but can also assign it

This happens with some Qt properties in scripting. = 100;

(OS wide – affecting ALL OTHER applications).

Qt documentation does not suggest this will be the case and says to use

setCursorFlashTime ( int ) instead, which actually is not available to scripting.

As setting this is not yet officially supported by Qt, set it under advisement if at all, otherwise only read it.


TW.information(null, "cursor Flash Time",;

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