File/System Functions with User Controlled Security

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System and File Functions with User Controlled Security

These functions are controlled on the Edit/Preferences Menu

Read and Write outside a script's own (sub)-directory tree, active document, and master document (if being used) must be turned on first by the User.

There are functions for testing current settings to establish whether the User has enabled the necessary permissions already, and for presenting the permissions dialogue for the User to take any enabling action.

Once the User has turned any Read or Write functions on or off, the setting is maintained between sessions until explicitly altered by the User.

Use with care a write or system call could damage a User's system.

For current document's (being edited) path and  file name see

For current script's (being run) path and file name see TW.script.fileName

Note: Script property TW.script.fileName    now depreciates  __FILE__

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