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  1. : String , TW)
  2. : String,  TW, fileLinePosition : integer )
  3. : String,  TW, fileLinePosition : integer, ask user - if file access permission is not set: bool)

Opens a File in Tw for editing.

Will read inside script or document directory, other wise needs File  access permissions set, but can ask user on occasion if told to (True/False) in the third version of calling the function

Required - fullFileName a fully/qualified/path to the file contents wanted.

The position held by TW here is actually a scriptApiObj.

Line number position (-1 for none), in the second version of calling the function, allows the line position of the file to be set.

Returns a response object with members:

 "status" as for other file open functions  Return Values for Status

 "result"  is the opened Document's scripting object with all the properties and functions of


  retVal = TW.openFileFromScript("c:/somewhere/Mydocument.txt", TW, -1, true);

if  (retVal.status == 0) // SystemAccess_OK


       var openedDocumentObject = retVal["result"] ;


      TW.information(null,"Tw Message",openedDocument.fileName); // shows the opened document's base filename

      TW.information(null,"Tw Message",openedDocument.text); // shows the contents of the "opened" document.


Edit notes: Extracting from here


QMap<QString, QVariant> TWApp::openFileFromScript(const QString& fileName, QObject * scriptApiObj, const int pos /*= -1*/, const bool askUser /*= false*/)



       QMap<QString, QVariant> retVal;

       QObject * doc = NULL;

       TWScript * script;

       QFileInfo fi(fileName);

       TWScriptAPI * scriptApi = qobject_cast<TWScriptAPI*>(scriptApiObj);

       retVal["status"] = TWScriptAPI::SystemAccess_PermissionDenied;

       // for absolute paths and full reading permissions, we don't have to care

       // about peculiarities of the script; in that case, this even succeeds

       // if no valid scriptApi is passed; otherwise, we need to investigate further

       if (fi.isRelative() || !settings.value("allowScriptFileReading", false).toBool()) {

               if (!scriptApi)

                       return retVal;

               script = qobject_cast<TWScript*>(scriptApi->GetScript());

               if (!script)

                       return retVal; // this should never happen

               // relative paths are taken to be relative to the folder containing the

               // executing script's file

               QDir scriptDir(QFileInfo(script->getFilename()).dir());

               QString path = scriptDir.absoluteFilePath(fileName);

               if (!script->mayReadFile(path, scriptApi->GetTarget())) {

                       // Possibly ask user to override the permissions

                       if (!askUser)

                               return retVal;

                       if (QMessageBox::warning(qobject_cast<QWidget*>(scriptApi->GetTarget()),

                               tr("Permission request"),

                               tr("The script \"%1\" is trying to open the file \"%2\" without sufficient permissions. Do you want to open the file?")\


                               QMessageBox::Yes | QMessageBox::No, QMessageBox::No

                       ) != QMessageBox::Yes)

                               return retVal;



       doc = openFile(fileName, pos);

       retVal["result"] = QVariant::fromValue(doc);

       retVal["status"] = (doc != NULL ? TWScriptAPI::SystemAccess_OK : TWScriptAPI::SystemAccess_Failed);

       return retVal;


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