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// TeXworksScript

// Title: Re-load Globals

// Description: Re-loads gloabal varibales used in script modules

// Author: Paul A Norman

// Version: 0.3

// Date: 2010-12-19

// Script-Type: standalone

// Context: TeXDocument

// Shortcut: Alt+R, Alt+L

// TW.information(null,"Hello","Hello from Module Re-Load");

   function setUp(globalName, fileName)



             var fileResult = TW.readFile(fileName);


   , fileResult.result); // makes it available for later eval() in other scripts




     setUp("helper_twPan", "helper_twPan.mod");//  later eval() of this will create:

                                               //  twConst, msgBox, twPan, global_load(globalName), create_helper()


     setUp("phpjs_namespaced", "phpjs.namespaced.mod"); // later eval() of this will create:

                                                        // PHP_JS(); object factory function


     setUp("helper_PhpJs",'helper_PhpJs.mod'); //  later eval() of this will create:

                                   // an object called window and PhpJs from new PHP_JS();

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