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Returns an array of objects currently open.

That is an array of current Tw edit objects.


  //  eval("helper_twPan"));  // using longhand so that libraries can be independently loaded, PAN libraries must be set up


  //  eval("helper_PhpJs"));  // rem out if PAN libraries not set up


  var windows =;

  var titleList = [];


    for (editor in windows)



           var targetDocument = windows[editor];




  chosenWindow = TW.getItem(null, "Please Choose Document", "Please Choose Document", titleList);


  TW.information(null, "Choosen Document", chosenWindow);



                  // requires helper_PhpJs

 //  arrayPosition = PhpJs.array_search(chosenWindow, titleList);

                                        // needle, Array to search

// If   helper_PhpJs not in use do this longahand


  for (count in titleList)



     var arrayPosition = -1;

        if ( titleList[count] == chosenWindow)


           arrayPosition = count;





//  TW.information(null, "Array Position", arrayPosition); // requires helper_PhpJs


    TW.information(null, "Choosen Document File Name", windows[arrayPosition].fileName);


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