Areas for Possible Future Adaptation

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Customisable Conversion Chunks of HTML/RDF/XML etc to be inserted in TeXworks as LaTeX

XML.ObjTree - XML source code from/to JavaScript object like E4X

XML.ObjTree class is a parser/generater for XML source code and JavaScript object. This is a JavaScript version of XML::TreePP for Perl.


"Pure javascript implementation of XSLT and XPath ...  This DOM comes with a minimal XML parser that can be used to generate a suitable DOM representation of the input documents if they are present as text."

Pure JavaScript HTML Parser

" ... decided to go about writing a pure JavaScript HTML parser ... it's able to get the job done with little fuss - while still being highly portable.


"The goal of Envjs is to provide a highly portable javascript implementation of the Browser as a scripting environment (often referred to as a 'headless' browser ). ...

"Given the follow task you could have written it several different languages, straight bash, python, ruby, perl, etc. But I also know I could write in half the time with half as many lines using jQuery because that's what I'm really good at. Now I finally can..."

(see for HTML5 Python and Php headless browsers - Paul)

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