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TeXworks Script API

Some thoughts and reference on how to extend the TeXworks editor functionality using its built in scripting. Help-file preparation original file, downloadible .chm .pdf .doc and an online .html version available. — Some TeXworks Scripting API Notes - A Work (very much) in Progress Last Update: .

Some Already Prepared Scripts – More Editing Functions in TeXworks

In the following you will find links to some TeXworks Scripts giving you some extra functions in the TeXworks editor, and some available Alt F1  with Alt 1 or 2 activated LaTeX help information from inside the TeXworks editor, which I use myself.

Some TeXworks Script Down loads — All care no responsibility, you must check all scripts for yourself, and follow instalation instructions.

Some may be presently optimised for only one Operating System, e.g. MacOsx or Windows or Linux. Others will work across the board. Best consider everything as still under development.

TeXworks Code Issue 261

Always useful to check this. There are various scripts, and announcements about scripts, posted there on the Official TeXworks Code site:—

TeXworks Issue tracker Item 261 (Note: some Scripts there may be obsolete, or need updating to new Scripting Api changes, the following links would tend to be more up to date.)

Henrik Skov Midtiby

Including as at

Text Autocompletion
  • autocomplete.js January 02, 2012
Master Document open Sub-Documents
  • openAllinputs-tex.js November 15, 2011 Converted script to an object oriented structure.
LaTeX Errors
  • latexErrors.js
  • “The script analyzes the output from (pdf)latex and produces a list of errors, warnings and infos.”
    Authors: Jonathan Kew & Stefan Löffler 2011-11-13
    Modified by: Henrik Skov Midtiby 2012-01-11

Stefan Löffler

Including as at

Embed External Bibliography .bib file
  • inlineBibliography July 27, 2011 Add inlineBibliography
File System - Show Current Document Folder
  • openContainingDirectory July 27, 2011 Opens the folder that a TeXworks dopcument is in.

Paul A Norman

Script down loads on this site

Including as at

  • Packages, Faq, Latex - Alt F1 Alt 1 - generalHelp.js
  • General Local Latex Help inside TeXworks Editor - Alt F1 Alt 2- helpLatex2e.js
  • Translate a Few Paragraphs - Alt G Alt T - getTranslation.js
  • Make Unicode Characters - Alt M Alt U - makeUnicode.js
File Stuff
  • Get Short File Name (Win) - Alt G Alt S - getShortName.js
  • Basic Local File Versioning - Basic Versioning Script Collection
  • XColor Insert Colours - Alt X Alt C - xcolor_svgnames_X11names.js
LaTeX Blocks
  • End Environment - Alt E Alt E - endEnvironment.js
LaTeX Font Text Sizes...
  • LaTeX Text Styles Sizes - text Styles, Sizes, (Ulem) Special Underlining and Strike/X through

The current official site for TeXworks development headed by Jonathan Kew is:

and probable long term contact site is:

Some TwScripting issues are covered on the issues tracker, and some early scripts are available there - some may need to be updated with File handling (reading / saving) now incorporated into the Tw Scripting Api: